Questions About Sponsorship?


The Cost Of An Education Should Not Dictate Its Value
The Fredericksburg Brass Institute was founded around one central principle:
Students of all ages and abilities should have the opportunity to receive a high-quality musical experience at an affordable cost.
Thanks to our supporters and corporate sponsors, we have been able to consistently keep our tuition costs well below the industry standard, and we have yet to deny any qualifying student financial aid.
We are looking to partners like you to present this year’s festival. Your support will enable us to keep tuition costs low and our community concerts free to the public.
Please consider supporting our efforts by selecting to be either a 2020 Festival Sponsor or Premium Partner
We welcome the opportunity to explore how the Fredericksburg Brass Institute can support the goals of your business. You may reach us through the contact form on this page for more information or to arrange a time to meet.