#WW with Martin Hackleman

February 10, 2016

Faculty Author:


1. Please introduce yourself. Tell us who you are and what it is that you do.


Hi, My name is Martin Hackleman. I am presently the Horn Professor here in Kansas City at the UMKC Conservatory.


2. What is your favorite thing about playing the horn?


My favorite thing about playing the horn is to exploit all the facets of its unique voices. The sensitivity, drama, power, and depth of color being so close to the human voice lets me tap into emotions as a person and a player that I could not do any other way. It communicates more than what I can say and it is heard speaking to the listener saying words they did not know they could hear.


3. What was the best advice you've ever received? (musical or nonmusical)

Musical advice: tongue like you are spitting a thread off your lip.

Non musica: illegitimus non corborundum


4. What has been one of your most memorable musical experiences? (whether it be sentimental, terrifying, or just plain weird) 


1) I would have to say many concerts with the Washington Symphonic Brass were inspiring. Of course numerous orchestral episodes but then that is what is supposed to happen. The WSB pushed boundaries. Most orchestras strive to stay in boundaries as a general rule. Conductors like to live way over the fence but we orchestral musicians are expected to be grateful to just HAVE a fence.

2) When the Canadian Brass first played at the Hollywood Bowl we had a prerecorded encore that we played and sang with. We checked it three times at the set up but of course it failed halfway through the tune leaving us croaking and noodling in front of 13 thousand tilting heads.


5. What can someone expect from studying with you at ‪#‎FredBrassMass‬?


What I always plan to give to people that I work with is a way to fix their limitations through my experience from the last 45 years. This can be musical questions and boundaries as well as technical tools that can help them individually and personally. It is most important to be engaging as a player and courteous as a colleague. Your goal is not to arrive any particular place but enjoy the daily journey. Your only goal is to be slightly better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow.



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