#MM: All Star Brass & Marty Hackleman

February 8, 2016

#MotivationMonday is where we share awesome musicians doing crazy awesome things in the hopes of motivating us all to work just a little bit harder each week. 

This week's #MM is inspired by one of our guest artists, internationally renown horn player Marty Hackleman. All week we will be showcasing and making him feel welcome to #FredBrass16. Marty has been a member of the Canadian Brass, Empire Brass, and principal horn of the National Symphony Orchestra among many other things. This year, Marty is a guest artist at both #FredBrassMass AND #FredBrassUMKC, a fact we're incredibly happy about! 

Feel free to take 5 minutes, put on some headphones, and treat yourself to a live performance of Ottorino Respighi's the epic work Pines of Rome arranged for brass ensemble by Phil Snedecor, a #FredBrass13 guest artist! In this video, Marty is the entire horn section so you just can't miss him.

We suggest being aware of the ease of which everyone on stage is playing. Few people can look as nonchalant playing the horn as Marty, and indeed this facet of performance is an important one to cultivate. By acting as if everything is easy, even when the music is nail-bitingly hard, eventually leads to you performing with less effort!

p.s. the below video is the shortned version - to watch the full 22 minute version, you can find it here. 





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