University of Mary Washington

Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Dates: July 14 - 20

Early Registration Fee: $25 (non refundable)

     -  Deadline: April 1st, 2019

Normal Registration Fee: $75 (non refundable)

     -  Deadline: July 1st, 2019

Tuition: $500

Optional Housing:

  - University of Mary Washington dorms

    -  Single $560

    -  Double $280

Optional Meals (3 meals a day):

     -  $240

2.75% surcharge on online payments

Surcharge and registration fees are non-refundable


The 2019 Fredericksburg Brass Institute

at the University of Mary Washington

Join us July 14 - 20, 2019 for a week filled with intense music making, jaw-dropping evening performances, and a whole lot of fun. Whether you're in high school and ready to take your playing to the next level or a pre-professional looking for new perspectives, the 2019 Fredericksburg Brass Institute has what you need to succeed.

For the first time ever, FredBrass will be held at the University of Mary Washington! We are very excited about this new collaboration, and look forward to seeing the festival grow on this campus for years to come!

Each participant will be placed into a chamber ensemble for daily rehearsals and coachings. Pre-formed chamber ensembles are welcome to register as well, and will only need to pay one registration fee!

At the end of the institute, we will present our participant ensembles and large ensembles to our community with a free concert where we will be premiering no less than four newly-commissioned works. Meet our composition competition winners.

Study with the Best

With a different guest artist to learn from every day of the festival — not to mention multiple faculty members for every instrument in the brass family — you will have a ton of opportunities to interact with leading figures in our field. In addition, each guest artist will perform a recital that is free and open to the public, so don't worry about a lack of inspiration!

Guest Artist Schedule

Monday - Amy McCabe - Trumpet

Tuesday - Peter Ellefson - Trombone

Wednesday - David Fedderly - Tuba

Thursday - JD Shaw - Horn

A typical day at #FredBrass19 will include some of the following:
  • The Breathing Gym

  • Group or sectional warm-up

  • A masterclass with a guest artist

  • Elective courses that explore entrepreneurship, arranging, and other topics 

  • Chamber music rehearsals and coachings

  • A guest artist seminar around a specific topic

  • A large ensemble rehearsal

  • And of course, a spectacular concert given by a guest artist!

The Registration Process

Applicants must submit a link to their video of the required music – provided below – in the registration form. Videos should be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo with the privacy setting of either Public or Unlisted. Learn how to do this HERE. 


The registration form and video will help us place you in a chamber ensemble with other like-minded individuals of similar skill levels.

Participants may either register as an individual or as part of a preformed ensemble. Pre-formed ensembles only need to pay one registration fee.

Required Music for Individuals
Below are the excerpts that need to be sent prior to the final registration deadline. Each instrument has one required excerpt, as well as one or more additional optional excerpts that you play if you'd like to be placed into an advanced ensemble. Time to practice!


Excerpt 1 - m1 - m18

Excerpt 2 - complete

Excerpt 3 - m1 - m36 (double bar)



Excerpt 1 - specified in excerpt

Excerpt 2 - specified in excerpt

Excerpt 3 - specified in excerpt



Excerpt 1 - complete

Excerpt 2 - complete

Excerpt 3 - complete


Excerpt 1 - complete

Excerpt 2 - complete

Excerpt 3 - complete

Bass Trombone


Excerpt 1 - specified in excerpt

Excerpt 2 - specified in excerpt

Excerpt 3 - specified in excerpt

Music Requirements for Pre-Formed Chamber Ensembles

Two pieces of contrasting styles from your current repertoire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical day at FredBrass like?

Every day you'll wake up with the best cup of coffee in the world - The Breathing Gym. When you're feeling sluggish and tired from the day before, the Breathing Gym is the perfect way to get your synapses firing again at full speed. After that, you'll warm up as a section before moving to either a chamber ensemble coaching or elective class. A seminar typically follows where the day's guest artist presents a topic to the group. After lunch, the artist will hold a masterclass where participants can volunteer to perform. Before the large ensemble rehearsal that ends the day, you'll go to either a chamber ensemble coaching or an elective class – whichever you did not already attend that day. Once the large ensemble rehearsal is over you get a break before the guest artist's recital that evening. Certain days will be less structured allowing for practice time, extra rehearsals, and just hanging out.


Is this institute a good fit for me?

With a full suite of faculty and a rotation of world-renowned guest artists, motivated students of all skill levels have found the institute to be both challenging and rewarding. Since chamber ensembles are the foundation of the institute and are assembled based on skill and personality, participants of all skills have the opportunity to challenge each other to be better.

High school students have opportunities to talk with the faculty and guest artists about potential school choices, audition preparation, and career paths. Many of our guest artists teach at the collegiate level, making them an invaluable resource in this regard. Elective courses such as Conducting 101 and the Basics of Arranging provide a firm foundation for future learning.


Collegiate and pre-professional performers have brought prepared repertoire and orchestral excerpts to gain new perspectives during master classes. Large ensembles such as the Collegiate Brass Ensemble and the Side-by-Side Ensemble offer advanced participants the opportunity to play more demanding repertoire. Elective courses such as Music Entrepreneurship and Audition Prep delve deeper into the skills needed to build a thriving career.

What if I can't attend the whole institute?

Students that cannot stay for the entire institute are encouraged to be an auditor. An auditor will be able to do many of the same things as a participants, but will not be able to play in the masterclass or in the chamber ensemble rehearsals. Auditors will be able to participate in daily warm ups and large ensemble rehearsals, as well as attend the guest artist masterclass, seminar, and elective courses.

The cost to be an auditor is $100/day, or $250 for 3 days. Contact us directly if you are interested.

Do you offer financial aid?

We do consider financial aid and scholarships on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to be considered, contact us as soon as possible.

Can I play for the guest artists?

Yes! We will take a limited number of volunteers to play for each guest artist during the masterclass portion of the day. Some guest artists choose to devote their "seminar" to a masterclass as well, providing ample opportunities for participants to either play as a soloist or chamber group. Participants that play the same instrument as the guest artist will be given the opportunity to perform first.


What should I prepare to perform in the master classes?

You are welcome to perform anything you're working on outside the institute such as a solo piece, orchestral excerpts, or etude. If you aren't actively working on anything but would still like to perform, contact us ahead of time.

What are elective courses?

Faculty members teach a variety of 2-day courses that participants may choose to attend. Topics in the past have included: The Fundamentals of Conducting, Recording 101, Stage Presence, Entrepreneurship, and Arranging.


How are chamber ensembles formed?

We place participants into chamber ensembles based on their performance of the required music, their age, previous experience, and personality.


If I'm coming from out of town, where should I stay?

This year, due to our new partnership with the University of Mary Washington, there will be dormitory rooms available for all out-of-town participants. These are optional, so if there is someone in town you would like to stay with, or would like to search for alternative options such as a hotel or AirBnB, you are more than welcome to do that. The pricing details for the dorms are below:

Single - $70/night

Double - $35/night

We will have our FredBrass Fellows operating as Residential Advisers during the week, so there will always be supervision and staff on hand. ​

How should I travel to the institute?

If you're coming from out of town and aren't too far away, driving is the best option. If you must fly, it is easy and not too expensive (about $50) to take a cab from Washington-Dulles Airport, Reagan National, or BWI to the institute.

Jean Laurenz, Trumpet Faculty