Our Mission


The mission of the Fredericksburg Brass Institute is to connect students of all skill levels with renowned brass performers and educators through a combination of daily instruction and concert experiences at an accessible price.

Our History


FredBrass was founded in 2013 by Austin Boyer and Buddy Deshler and hosted an initial group of 10 students. By 2014, the group had tripled in size and all 10 original students returned. Since then, we have had the privilege of hosting some of the world's best performers.

Our Vision


We believe that the cost of an education should not dictate its value. Our goal is to provide an experience unlike any other at a price well below the industry standard. Come find out for yourself why so many of our participants keep coming back!

The FredBrass Effect


The "FredBrass Effect" was coined by a #FredBrass15 participant to describe the long-lasting friendships that have been created and maintained for the last 5 years. We believe this is where the true power of summer institutes lies.